DOGTIME® Canine Recreation Company

is commited to maximizing the enjoyment shared

between dogs and humans.



Through positive based dog training, I can help you understand ways to communicate with your canine that builds trust and represents humane leadership. 




and K9 COACH



Nurturing the dog's body, mind and soul....



Dogtime is currently going through some exciting changes, as my family builds a new home on 5 acres at Heffley Lake.  I will be developing my business in this beautiful space and I hope to offer a variety of classes, seminars and other holistic options for our dogs.  During this transition, I will be offerring private in-home training, K9 Massage, K9 Sports Therapy and walking classes.  Please stay in touch and send me an e-mail if you have any questions.  You can contact me at or call 250-318-7857